Our Story

iPressComics started as a pressing service on Facebook back in 2014. We no longer offer pressing as a service. Teaching you pressing is what we do.

LoboCop #1 Before Pressing & After Pressing. Teaching Pressing

Teaching You Pressing. Pressing Before & After Photos – LoboCop #1

Over time, we started answering people’s questions and discussing pressing techniques. There are lots of ideas out there about how comic pressing can be done. Because there are multiple pressing approaches, it is difficult to find a standard. That is why we have developed a tried and true process.

Our advanced techniques build on our basic pressing process. For example, correcting spine roll can be tough to explain without first understanding our basic technique. To make our methods easy for everyone to understand, we have developed a complete comic pressing course that covers our entire comic pressing process.

Teaching You Pressing

We have developed a non-invasive pressing method. Our intent is to correct comic flaws as safely as possible. The iPressComics process constantly evolves and our courses evolve with it. Our courses take you through the entire pressing process. We start with a basic overview of pressing. Then we take you on the journey of what to consider when purchasing a press and getting your work area set up. After the work area is set up, we show you how to document your pressing work so you can visualize the impact. This  makes your results easier to consistently repeat.

We hope you enjoy taking these courses as much as we enjoyed creating them. Comic book pressing can be a very rewarding and exciting aspect of collecting comic books. If you are ready to take the plunge and start pressing your own comics, iPressComics is here for you. We have several courses still in development so we can offer you a complete comic care curriculum.

Check out our Course List, and try our Introductory Course “So You Wanna Press Comics” for free!