So you wanna press comics


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Learn to Press Comic Books!

Are you sending your comics out to a service for pressing? Do you wonder what happens to a comic book during pressing? Would you like to know how to press your own comics? No doubt you said yes to one or more of these questions. Because you said yes to at least one of these, you are in the right place. Satisfy your curiosity & learn everything you need to know to start pressing comics in no time at all.

This course defines comic pressing, and sets the stage for you to begin your comic pressing journey. Some comic flaws are improved or removed by pressing. There are other comic flaws that can’t be helped by pressing; we tell you which is which.

Does it feel like everyone is getting their comics pressed? Does this make you wish you could press your own books? Discover what makes a comic book “worth” pressing and what things to consider before you press a book.

Comic book grading is big business and you need to know how pressing fits into the grading game. At this point, you need to have a basic understanding of comic book grading and why it is important to your comic pressing pursuits. Therefore, we give you the lowdown on grading as it relates to pressing.

Take most of the guesswork and trial & error out of your learning curve.

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    • Course Objective
    • Welcome Video
    • Intro
    • What is Pressing
    • What Pressing Can Do
    • What Pressing Can’t Do
    • Is My Comic Worth Pressing?
    • Comic Book Grading (as it relates to pressing)
    • Conclusion
    • So You Wanna Press Comics – Quiz