Pressing Defined, Presses, Materials


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Pressing Defined, Press Types, & Release Paper

Comic book pressing is not a new concept. Because of this there are several “schools of thought” on how pressing can be done. There are two main methods of pressing that can be found on the internet. The first method we will discuss is “cold pressing” and the second is “hot pressing”.

iPressComics uses a hybrid pressing solution, so we cover the different types of presses that can be used and why the use of a mechanical press is important. Most importantly, we discuss what materials are safe to put in the press with your comics and what materials to avoid. Some materials are not suitable because they can be hazardous to your comic books.

There is also an overview of how presses work, and what adjustments you can make on a press.

  • Pressing Defined  0/16

    • Course Objectives
    • Intro
    • Cold Pressing
    • Hot Pressing & Press Types
    • Things to Consider (before you buy)
    • Size
    • Other Considerations
    • Press Materials
    • What not to use
    • How a Press Works
    • Other Adjustments
    • Resting States
    • Press Specifics
    • Conclusion
    • Pressing Defined – Quiz
    • Discussion