Press Comic Books

Do you want to learn how to press comic books?
How to press comics. With our Comic Pressing Courses, you can learn to do this.

With our Comic Pressing Courses, you can learn to do this.

Why pay someone else for pressing services when you can learn to press your own comics? There is more to pressing comics than just buying a press. Learn the complete iPressComics process. There are some scary ideas about comic pressing on the internet. Don’t make a mistake and try a technique just because someone made a video. Don’t take a chance ruining a key book on an unproven, untested, or downright unsafe method of pressing.We feel that it is our duty is to teach you how to get amazing results using non-invasive pressing techniques. We will be rolling out the following courses soon:
  • Pressing Defined, Presses, Materials
  • Setup & How to Document Pressing
  • iPC – Basic Comic Pressing
  • iPC – Correct Spine Roll
We plan to release an entire Comic Care Curriculum. Our courses will cover everything about comic collecting – from storage to advanced pressing techniques and dry cleaning comics. Try our introductory course “So You Wanna Press Comics” for free!
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