Children’s Picture Books

Welcome to Wilde Geese Productions

Wilde Geese Productions is a small publishing company located in Rochester, NY. Currently, I am focusing on producing children’s picture books. My mission is to publish exceptional content in multiple formats (i.e. hard copy, Kindle Fire, etc.), and price that content to give my customers an excellent value. My first book Let’s Look at a Bulldozer! was released in print July of 2012 and was released for the Kindle Fire in August 2012. My second book Let’s Look at Excavators! was released in print and for the Kindle Fire in December 2012.


Let’s Look at…


The concept for my “Let’s Look at…” picture books is simple, I take a non-fiction subject and present it in an up close and educational way for kids. I am really excited about this series because it will enable children to get a close up look at something that they are interested in but may not have the opportunity to see in person.

The “Let’s Look at..” series of non-fiction picture books is just the beginning. I also have several fiction stories that I am writing and illustrating as well. You can check out all the geese I am chasing on the Projects page and follow their progress on my Production Blog.


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